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      2020 Training Season | Brushless DC Motor Training

      2020-07-23 12:31:06 57

      On July 15, 2020, Engineer Cao from our training department  held in internal training obout permanent magnet brushless dc motor to lift sales engineers, and after sales engineers, as well as the related research and development personnel to understand of the permanent magnet brushless dc motor, including: basic structure, working principle, main application field and the corresponding application characteristics, and the development trend of the future. Engineer Cao also introduced in depth our mature brushless motor customization development platform, which can provide customers with multi-field and multi-application driving scheme upgrade service. It can provide more than 130,000 brushless DC motor application prototype data as a reference to quickly customize ideal motor solutions for customers.The brushless motor customization platform has scientific, reasonable, efficient and economical advantages, which is the core competitiveness of Power Motor.


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