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      Liqun Hall of Power Motor has its grand opening

      2020-07-02 14:02:01 42

      Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of Liqun Canteen

      On July 1, 2020, Liqun Hall of Power Motor completed the reinstallation and upgrading and opened in full dress. At 12:00 on the same day, a brief and grand opening ceremony was held. David, chairman of Power Motor Group, boss of Liqun Company, operator of the canteen, together with representatives of both management teams, attended the ceremony. on the ceremony, David respectively delivered a passionate speech. After the ceremony, the organizer Liqun Arranged a colorful lottery, and the guests who cut the ribbon also had a taste of the meals served that day.

      David always said, the transformation and upgrading of Liqun canteen and grand opening, is to meet the expectations of the majority of Power Motor's staff. Although faced with the general climate and environment of low economy under the situation of epidemic this year, through trial operation, Liqun canteen is still able to continuously receive all kinds of employees for meals, and is highly recognized by the majority of employees. At present, all the preparation work is fully in place, with favorable conditions, favorable conditions and favorable people. I hope That Liqun hall must take the opening ceremony as an opportunity to ride the wind and waves and do its best to establish a new image. David always hopes, believe in the near future, to see liqun canteen prosperity, become a factory food culture a bright window.

      Liqun canteen environment, kitchen and dishes

      Mr. Tan of Liqun also gave a warm speech. He expressed his gratitude for the support, care, attention and understanding given by the relevant personnel of Power Motor during the renovation, upgrading and opening preparations. Mr. Tan stressed that through industry, although somewhat effective, but still need continuous learning, continuous innovation, continuous efforts, will always adhere to the people-oriented, respect, respecting the customers with sincerity, quality win, to respect, understanding, a win-win situation to build liqun with Rio hui diet communication platform, through the unremitting efforts, innovation, the force of fai liqun dining hall into an adequate weight, dishes, taste unique dining hall, the example of let Rio employees in a bright and look forward to once again.

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